Thursday, August 18, 2005


A week or two back, I switched hosts for my codes. This was because my old host, geocities, had decided to kill my bandwidth. Even to today they havent given me more! So, I decided if they were going to be that stubborn I would just move to a different host. After moving all my public codes to webpost, a friend told me how their hosting is terrifically crap.

Now, Im looking for a better, more reliable host. I think Im just going to buy a site and move my devlog, programs, forum, codes, and all my other web content to it. But, we'll see! I really dont want to get a new host right after switching around. I might lose users that way.

In other news, today I took up a challenge from my computer instructor. He said that if I could create a FPS game with network capabilities and auto-patchwork systems, I would never have to do any work again all year. I can easily do it. That I have no doubt of. But Im concerned about how long it will take. Im guessing...about 3 weeks. If he looses interest or forgets about the challenge after Im done, I might be up a toilet without a crap! :(

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