Sunday, October 16, 2005

New: JS++

While working on someones IF board, I realized how cool it would be if you could allow your advanced members to create their own JavaScript codes to run client-side everytime they visit the board!

I think it would be a pretty simple code structure. This project will become a reality after my other codes, such as Reply-Blocker update and Warn Logger, are completed. JS++ will exist in the User CP as a page containing a textbox for data entry. When the code in the textbox is submitted, a cookie will be created containing the data. Each page loaded past that point will have the cookie data appended to it. Since the inputted code will only affect the member who typed it up, there shouldnt be very many problems.

Thinking through the various functions and methods in JavaScript, I couldnt think of anything that would have to be restricted in this code. If you know of any variables, methods, functions, or other things that might cause a security or code flow problem please let me know by becoming a member of the UCO board and posting a reply to this topic. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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