Monday, February 12, 2007

A New Support Approach

Howdy! Well, it's time to blow the dust off this blog with another new idea.

Ok, so, I've been getting a lot of support requests lately from people with problems with good ole Warn Logger. Now, I love helping people out and am in no way trying to tell people to back off with this concept, but the same problems keep reoccurring. So, heres what I plan to do.

I'm going to design a new chunk of code to allow the user to troubleshoot the code before they contact me. The troubleshooter will allow the user to fix the problem theirself or tell the person exactly what kinda information I need to get from them in order to fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

Here's a run-down of how I immagine it to work. The code starts by writing a try block on every line. If an error occurs, the try block will know of it and alert the user. The code will also be aware of the common errors encountered and common remedies the user should perform. The code will also check to make sure the code to test is installed properly. If all else fails, the user will be alerted with run-time reports from the code that need to be sent to me in order to fix the problems.

It's a bit low-tech, but I'm thinking up different ways of going about doing this without all the try blocks and such. If you see any codes pop up utilizing this concept, guess who the coder most likely stole it from! :p

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