Saturday, August 18, 2007

LeetBoard Tech: Modular Scalability

Something that is in high demand in the computer industry nowadays is modular software. You want to be able to quickly and easily add a new feature to your software without having to drudge through millions of lines of code. Many forum software packages give you the ablility to add your own codes to the mix. But, the problem is many of them get a little carried away with it all. Take MediaWiki or phpBB for example. Sure, they are completely modular, right down to the error message texts. But, they are just TOO modular. It's very easy to get confused or turned backwards in the millions of lines of code you have to go through just to find where to put a new feature.

LeetBoard is not modular to the extent of MediaWiki or phpBB, but is modular enough to allow you to easily find where a new feature needs to be inserted or create a new feature for your board without needing to step through twenty different pages of code. All major features of the board have their own independant file, which is layed out in a manner that is easy to follow. If you want to create an entirely new major feature, just make your own file for it and drop it in the custom module folder, and LeetBoard will automatically use it when it is requested by a user.

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