Thursday, October 04, 2007

MC Closing Again

Well, it seems Myishi Corp is going down for the count yet again. This time it will probably stay down. Even though I sort of expected MC to run out of steam so early in its revival, it's still pretty sad to see poor ole Myishi going out for the, what I guess to be, third time in it's on-off life.

As there is no point in having a website for a corporation that no longer exists, will be dissolved after the latest payment on the hosting and registration expires (which should be sometime near the end of October 2007). This means the forum will also be pulling a vanishing act, which will effectively end this round of LeetBoard development. I will be starting a new website somewhere down the line where I will continue development of the project. But, until then, the only place you will be able to see anything LeetBoard-related will be here. For anyone who is reading this and was a former member of MC, the old forum will still be up, although I will not be actively administrating it and very very few others will be using it. We prefer you get MSN/WLM and chat with us using it instead.

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