Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Hesitant Scrapper

I have an old machine that is far too outdated to become an efficiet bulldog system, so I decided to rip the hard drive out, disassemble it, and tie some string around the three metal discs inside it to make some pimping bling. This machine is the same one that you might recall reading about having its networking card ripped out for my server project. Having served its purpose, its destined for the curb. But, I read something today that made me wonder if I made the wrong choice in badgering the hard drive. I completely forgot about the possibility of using it as a back-up system for one of my other computers. So, Ive decided to attempt to put it back together. It will surely lead to either frustration or, if I do make it suitable for plugging in again, decapitation. Still its a fun little task to keep boredom at bay. I also have an even older machine that is so old it boasts an LCD numeric counter, reset, turbo, lock, power button, and cigarette lighter on the front of it. Ill be pulling resources out of it next.

By the way, before you suggest it, yes, I already checked the first machine for salvagable memory. Nothing special in that department, though I was intrigued to find the mother board had three memory slots where my newer machine Im using as my server only has two.

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