Tuesday, June 24, 2008

On-Demand Graphing

Something Ive been wanting to do ever since I learned how to use the imaging features of PHP is create a script that can take in some data and generate a graph on-the-fly. Useful? Definately. Invisionary? Probably not. In fact, Ive seen tons of PHP and CGI scripts that are used to generate graphs for things such as poll results. However, Ive yet to find a script that is open for public use or indy developer interfacing. Plus, most of them only do lame, boring graphs like bar graphs and pie charts. I wanted to introduce a script that can do them all, from bar graphs, to spider charts. In fact, the spider chart is the main focus of the project, and is the closest to being completed.

This script will appear in LeetBoard a lot, as well as an open-source model available on BlakeNet Source. No ETA yet, since Im still gathering up the types of charts I want to include in it.

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