Wednesday, September 17, 2008

BlakeNet Overhaul

The classic green look of BlakeNet has started to bore me, and Im sure anyone else who visits the site. I decided that anyone who visits the site, especially potential employers (whom the site was originally intended to be viewed by), would find the bland, stinging default green a bit annoying and nubbish rubbish. So, I sat down and planned out a much more graphic-intensive, "cooler", engaging skin that shows off my talents a lot more effectively while still keeping to the techno theme of the site. And so, "Grunge Gears" was born. Today marks the full load-out of the new skin, along with a new skin selector right below the menu. (Yes, I plan to make more skins, and you can still use the old one if you need a low-bandwidth version)

I hope to hear some feedback about Grunge Gears. I have plans to change the menu from textual to images, create a new logo that follows suit with the skin, create some sort of filler image for the sidebar gap, and tinker with fonts to see which ones offer the best immersion. Besides that, drop me a line in the usual fashion if there is something youd like to see.

On a side note, sorry I havent been posting lately. Ive been really busy with job hunting, college stuff, and a cold/conjunctivitis/major ear infection triple-whammy. Just to reassure those of you who were hoping to see more articles in the Multiplayer series, I DO plan on writing at least one more, titled "Multiplayer Data Consumption". If I can get my life straightened out, Ill push it out ASAP.

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