Monday, February 16, 2009

The Brazen Guard

The Brazen Guard (BZG) is this awesome online community I have been a member of since May 25, 2008. Currently, we operate two Team Fortress 2 servers and one Gmod server. We play strictly noncompetitive, although we do have a small group dedicated to clanwars and scrimmages.

Around January 24, 2009, I was given RCON administrative access and a place in the leadership of the clan. Since then, BZG has undergone some great changes thanks to a revitalization of the community. Something we do regularly is hold these things we call Event Nights. Every Friday and Saturday, we lock one of our TF2 servers and only allow BZG members in. Then, we play the game using our own little minigame ideas. Its absolutely insanely fun. Everyone has a great time and the brotherly bond we all share becomes stronger.

The whole purpose to this post is to inform everyone about BZGs own Youtube channel, The BZG Authority, where I will be posting video highlights of our scrimmages, Event Nights, and other madness. You can find more information about the servers and the clan at We are by no means an exclusive community, but if you would like to join, you have to play with us on our servers a couple times so we can be sure youre serious about becoming part of the family.

Anyone who has TF2 or Gmod, come on and play with us! Otherwise, enjoy the videos and be sure to rate/comment!


Tarmac said...

Read ya e-mails!

Blake said...

Not my fault Im busy crashing servers. :p

Anonymous said...

miss ya blakey

- stuck on you