Sunday, November 29, 2009

SixDegreeSteam Mailbag 2

@SixDegreeSteam: Bump bump bump! Updates, please!

- Anonymous

Good timing! It just so happens there is yet another development in the SDS programming progress. I decided to set aside all of the existing code for further development and implementation at a later time, and start over yet again. In this new iteration, I intend to keep things simple with a focus on mechanics and practicality, not resources and scalability. This aids the project in two ways. First, interest in hosting slave servers has been very low. So, it seems like a waste to work so hard on a component that may not even be used (or necessary, for that matter). Second and most obviously, deployment has stalled, and stalled, and stalled some more. I am very dissatisfied with the current timeline for completion compared to the originally proposed timeline. Going back to basics will speed up development phenominally and consequentially lead to a much closer launch date.

Where will the project be accessible from?

- Anonymous

The brand-new subdomain on my brand-new server/site will be the point of deployment. While we are on the subject, I will also be moving my blogs to the new site once the general site is set up.

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