Saturday, July 30, 2005

Some Things

Im starting on a smiley code for this blog so all textual smilies will be automatically changed to graphical smilies when the page loads. But, dont expect it to be done until Warn Logger v1 is completed.

Arg! I just found out another one of my hosts killed my account. Thats the second one this month! So far, geocities seems to be the most reliable host that I have ever used. If you are hosted by a site that lets you use PHP and gives you a MySQL database for free, please comment on this blog.

Ive also shut down my old devlog on MCC and sent all the readers of it to this blog. So, welcome everybody!

Update: Warn Logger

Im almost done with Warn Logger. I ran into some compatibility problems which led me to change around some things in the flow document. The updated version has been put in the file.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Warn Logger

Alrighty then! Lets get this blog/devlog started!

I have a bunch of codes just sitting in my WIP folder. Ive decided to just stop working on all of them at the same time and focus on a request I got about two weeks ago (found here). Speaking of which, I was working on it yesterday when I hit a snag with the mechanics of it. So I decided to throw the entire code out the window and totally recode it.

I typed up a quick flow document and PHP form value chart to keep my ideas on the dot during the whole project. Both can be found in this zip file. In the href spreadsheet you can change the values in the generator table to show different data in the variable table. (That comes courtesy of a computer class I took last year ;))

Ill be typing up progress on this project as I work on it.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Post 1

Hiya! My name is Blake and this here is my new programming blog! This will serve as my own little code publication system and Devlog. As I continue to code and advance in computer programming Ill add posts here to let you follow my work.

Like I said, this blog is pretty new. So please stick around while I fix the place up a bit. ^_^