Thursday, August 18, 2005


A week or two back, I switched hosts for my codes. This was because my old host, geocities, had decided to kill my bandwidth. Even to today they havent given me more! So, I decided if they were going to be that stubborn I would just move to a different host. After moving all my public codes to webpost, a friend told me how their hosting is terrifically crap.

Now, Im looking for a better, more reliable host. I think Im just going to buy a site and move my devlog, programs, forum, codes, and all my other web content to it. But, we'll see! I really dont want to get a new host right after switching around. I might lose users that way.

In other news, today I took up a challenge from my computer instructor. He said that if I could create a FPS game with network capabilities and auto-patchwork systems, I would never have to do any work again all year. I can easily do it. That I have no doubt of. But Im concerned about how long it will take. Im guessing...about 3 weeks. If he looses interest or forgets about the challenge after Im done, I might be up a toilet without a crap! :(

Monday, August 08, 2005

New Features

The smiley code is done now. When the page is done loading, all textual smilies will be turned into graphic smilies. Along with this feature is a new logo at the top of the page next to the title and description. Also, Ive added a list of smilies on the sidebar to show what the smilies look like before and after. As I add new smilies to the list, they will be added to the code as well. ;)

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Update: Warn Logger

Ive been working with iFusion to get all the bugs worked out of Warn Logger. So far, we havent been able to get it working the way it should be. Today I decided to install some debug alerts to help me figure out where the problems are occurring. The results were pretty surprising. It turns out one of the biggest problems was the fact that the code wasnt being run when the page loads! Im not sure how to fix this or even why it is doing this but hopefully after that problem is out of the way the rest will be easy to fix.