Sunday, April 23, 2006

Reopening dSig

Well, Ive been working on the forum software for ThE NuBs. Its still not completely done, but its getting closer. I also finished Project Apex for now till the owner of it gets online again.

So, with those two monster projects done, Im ready to reopen an old code: dSig. I had said I would upgrade it back in the days when I wasnt so busy. I tried to open and edit the beta files of the work I had done towards the new version, but after reading through it a few times, I realized that the function and methods I had used in the old version wouldnt be able to work correctly with the ammount of data I would be passing it in the new version. As a result, Ive decided that it will be easier to completely recode the new version instead of just changing the structure of the function.

That means it will be a longer wait for the code, but will be definately worth it. As usual, Ill continue to post updates on the new versions progress as it unfolds.

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