Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Finished: dSig Update

I released dSig v3 about a week ago. It was going well until I got reports of an incompatibility with Firefox. Today I pushed out dSig 3.0.1, which features support for Firefox and a new runtime expansion that allows dSig to run faster than before.

The main reason behind the runtime expansion was not a concern of speed, but of conflicts with other codes. dSig uses a User CP addition called dSig Manager. In the method before 3.0.1 the code was run through the window.onload event, which can only hold one value per loaded page. Meaning if there is another code using the onload event, only one of the codes will run. In the new method, I check to see if the page is already loaded. If it is, dSig is run immediately. If it isnt, dSig is added to the onload event. I would like to make the immediate running mandatory, but that would mean becomming unavailable to boards with previous versions installed.

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