Sunday, December 23, 2007

Next Task For BlakeNet

In case some of you havent been keeping up, BlakeNet is the webserver project Ive been using to test and build my various programs, especially LeetBoard. However, a new idea has been discussed recently. A while back, my good friend affectionately nick-named Squirrels and I had talked about how great it would be to start a website where we could just put stupid stuff to make other people laugh and generally have fun with it. We never got around to purchasing hosting and creating the site.

But, last night, he mentioned the idea again, and I suggested we use BlakeNet and purchase a domain name, which is a much cheaper solution compared to buying hosting. We arent sure when we will be doing it, but hopefully this time we will get around to setting things up. The name of the site is still undecided. As for what it will be about, well, Ill keep that a secret to build suspence.

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