Monday, January 21, 2008

New BlakeNet Developments

Today I finally got around to setting up a hostname for BlakeNet, so no more having to memorize the IP address or worry about it when it changes! The new address is

I also recently reconfigured LeetBoard and set a full distro up on BlakeNet for all intensive purposes. Some things broke during the transfer, but for the most part its a working project again. I would give an address for it, but then Im sure spam would start flying at it from every angle, and lead to a gunked up server. I will release an address once I have it running stable again.

Also, welcome to the team a new Netdev. Nathan (Squirrels) will be goofing around with the box just to try and learn something new, or fend off boredom. He may also be helping me further develop the current and future projects featured on BlakeNet.

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