Monday, September 07, 2009

Six Degrees of Inactivity

Where did you go??? It's been months since your last post! Are you working on anything interesting?

- Anonymous

First off, sorry for the inactivity, guys. Ive been insanely busy lately with a lot of stuff, mostly rectifying a couple situations in my personal life. Now, between college work and my new job, I dont have much time to myself. What little time I do have, I use to play games with friends or work on little side projects. Because of this, I wouldnt expect to hear too much from me for a while. Feel free to email me to say hi or catch up if youd like! I check my email daily when I get home from work.

Having said that, I do have a major project Im in the middle of conceptualizing. Circumstances providing, Ill make an in-depth post about it later. For now, the singular concept with have to suffice. Have you ever heard of the Small World Phenomenon, or more to the point, the Six Degrees of Separation model? They are very interesting ideas that attempt to link every person in the world. The idea was built on to create some popular games like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, Six Degrees of Wikipedia, and even a Facebook application. Surprisingly, there is no implication of this idea for the wildly popular Steam platform. Well, I think its about time someone puts an end to that, and who is more qualified to do so than me? :)

The goal of the project is to create a mapping showing how every Steam user is linked to everyone else. The project will take into account friends, as well as group memberships. This is a very exciting project for me and a major undertaking. More information to come when/if I get the time!

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