Saturday, January 22, 2011

SixDegreeSteam 1.6.6 "Pure Client" Beta Live

Im very proud to announce the release of SixDegreeSteam version 1.6.6 ("Pure Client") available at the SDS site. This is a closed beta that anyone can download and use, but will only work with Steam profiles that are members of the SDS Steam group. This version is NOT meant to be representative of SDS, which is to say this is just a technical demo. It doesnt include all planned features, is expected to run pretty slowly (its dependant on your processor, memory, and internet speed), and will most likely not find relationships larger than 5 profiles long (at least not with the default user limit. Even if you up the limit, itll still take a really long time). So what DOES it do? Heres the list:

  • DOES find your relationship to closely related users (5 or less recommended)
  • DOES print found relationships in a list structure
  • DOES show the potential of the project, and why the dependence on the server is so important (seriously, do you really want to have to use a program this slow?)
  • DOES NOT generate links using groups or private profiles
  • DOES NOT have a graphical user interface (unless you count the command prompt as graphical)
  • DOES NOT print the relationships in a very user-friendly manner (yet...Im working on that)
  • DOES NOT find relationships unless at least one of the given profiles is a member of the SDS Steam group

This is really only meant to show the current standing of the technology and give a sense of why the project is taking so long to complete. Trying to get something that is inherently very slow to work fast enough to be usable is not an easy task. Just remember that this is only the start of a potentially great project. Please be patient.

In the meantime, I hope everyone who tries the beta understands that it isnt, nor is it meant to be, very good or user-friendly. There is a lot to still be done. If you have comments, please let me know. I love hearing from you all!

Thanks so very much for your gratious and humbling interest
- Blake (ROOT)

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