Thursday, January 05, 2012

56 Days of Second Life

Coming back from a long hiatus (wow, has it really been a year?), I went back to school earlier this week. My new classes have officially started, and boy are they monsters! The good news is this is the last stretch for me before graduation. The bad news is that these classes are going to eat up every ounce of my spare time.

One of the two classes I'm enrolled in now is an Emerging Technologies course. Along with a couple other assignments, we have to work on a project that demonstrates, well, emerging technologies! I've decided to do an 8-week-long project focusing on the social interactions that take place in Second Life. It was between that or a robotics project, and I don't feel confident enough with physical electronics to have my academic success ride upon it. At any rate, this project should be really interesting! If you'd like to follow it, I'm required to maintain a blog detailing my findings and analysis of what I observe. You can find it over here.

On a related note, expect an update on SDS pretty soon. It'll probably upset a lot of people, but it's high time I speak up about it. See you in a day or two!

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