Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Warn Logger Trouble

At first, the release of Warn Logger seemed like a big success. But then reports came in of a problem that was causing a board error. After cranking out the next version with the fix, I found out that for some reason one of the features, the one that allows you to post reports as new topics, wasnt working. I have no idea why that is as the code that deals with that feature was never even touched.

With this version came two more problems! The code now had some compatibility issues with Firefox and was causing "Aborted Action" errors in Internet Explorer. After talking with a friend, I figured out that the IE error was caused by dynamically knocking elements out of the DOM. I fixed the problem and it seems that the FF incompatibility was also being caused by the same problem.

So far, there have been no more bug reports. Hopefully it will stay that way and I can get some peace!

On a side-note, Ive started work on a "resource site" by a group called Project Apex. Its a pretty nasty little organization. The heads of the group are highly experienced web users, some including hackers, programmers, scripters, and other ranks from the "dark net". They all agree that there is no reason to fear them or not visit their site as their objective isnt to mess with innocent computers. Check it out at

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