Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Back From Georgia

I came back home from Thanksgiving break in Georgia yesterday. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the time with the family. I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving as well!

I brought two things home with me from Georgia. One is a little 6-week-old kitten we named Gracie (I might talk about her more later, or even post some pics), and the other is an old computer my aunt was planning on scrapping. It has some interesting family tree info on it she wanted me to pull off of it first, but after that, it is all mine. The reason I decided to take it home is because it has a PCI Ethernet adapter, which if you recall I have been looking for to connect my server to the network/internet. I will be doing some more work with the server and seeing if I can get the adapter working with it over the next couple days.

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