Saturday, November 03, 2007

Playing The Oldies

Well, I decided to head into my room today and untangle the mass of cords all huddled up in the corner. After sorting them all out, I got to touch my old SNES and NES from way back in the day. I dusted them off and hooked them up, and sat down, ready to play.

Unfortunately, I couldnt get the SNES to play on my TV correctly. Ill have to work on that more later. But, I DID get the NES fired up, and after a few savage beatings, I actually got to play some of my old favorites. Super Mario (one and three), Mission: Impossible, Star Tropics, and even Solstice! It really took me back to the good ole days. I plan to take a break from the Wii for a while to just take in all of the glory of the old, crappy games we used to play and love to remember.

If any of you have an old system that may still have a chance of functioning, I suggest you wrestle it out and play it for a while too. Halo 3 wont miss you that long. ;)

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