Monday, March 09, 2009

TF2 Oopsies

Lately, Ive been doing SourceMod plugin development for everything from infinite ammo/uber to new gameplay modes for use in BZG and other TF2 servers. This morning I was testing my newest gameplay plugin called Hot Potato. It was the first real vigorous test I had run with the plugin, and dramatically failed in flames of game crashes. I managed to capture a (laggy) piece of the carnage and post it on YouTube. Check it out. As the video description states, the plugin crashed at least four people, spawned 200+ entities within 10 seconds, and made 2244 function calls within 60 seconds.

I guess this serves as proof that pros are still prone to screw up. :p


Anonymous said...

Oh why hello there, ROOT's blog.

Tarmac said...

lmao. Uber pwned